Banking Scams are on the rise. Please protect yourself.

Cybercriminals are targeting financial institution customers directly through known and trusted channels of communication, such as telephone, text messages and email. They use these methods to gain your trust as an official communication from C-B-W.

It is important to NEVER provide personal or financial information such as social security numbers, card numbers, user name or passwords, and one-time passcodes when responding to telephone calls, e-mails or text messages.

Sadly, cybercriminals prey on people in times of change or uncertainty. They are always looking to catch you off guard and exploit your personal information. Continue to remain vigilant and keep your personal information safe.

C-B-W will never contact you via phone or email and ask for the following information:
• Account numbers
• PIN numbers
• Passwords
• Social security number

Other ways that cybercriminals try to exploit are the following:
• NEVER trust caller ID or text messages. Their efforts may include ‘spoofing’ our telephone number so it appears as “C-B-W” on your caller ID
• Watch email addresses and website addresses with slightly altered spellings
• Watch for aggression or urgency from the caller. If you feel uncomfortable, hang up and call someone you trust.
• Gift cards are for gifts, not to make payments. Responsible companies will not ask you to pay in unusual ways such as with gift cards or money orders.
• Winning money or prizes from a contest that you did not enter.

Once again, C-B-W will NEVER initiate a call and ask you for your account numbers, PIN numbers, passwords or social security number. If you are unsure, have questions or concerns, please call the Credit Union at 814-487-5714.