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If you receive a phone call offering to lower your VISA rate, THIS IS A SCAM! DO NOT give out any personal information regarding your C-B-W FCU VISA card!!! 


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 Hundreds of consumers have found themselves the victims of an e-mail scam known as "phishing."  It's pronounced "fishing" and that is exactly what thieves are doing: "fishing" for your personal financial information.  It involves high-tech fraudsters who pretend to be a legitimate financial institution or credit card company.  Hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet, the fraudsters send out "official-looking" e-mails designed to trick consumers into divulging financial and personal information such as account numbers, passwords, user names, Social Security numbers and other sensitive data.  In most cases, the e-mail claims that there is an account problem or warns of a possible fraud threat.  Either way, the whole idea is to convince the consumer there is an immediate need to update their financial information.

If you receive an e-mail from C-B-W Schools Federal Credit Union requesting financial information or any other personal or sensitive data:

  • Treat the e-mail with suspicion
  • Do not reply to the e-mail or click on any links within the e-mail message.  C-B-W Schools Federal Credit Union will never ask you to provide any kind of confidential or financial details via an e-mail request. 
  • Contact C-B-W as soon as possible to report the suspicious e-mail.  You can reach  C-B-W by calling (814) 487-5714 or toll free (800) 843-4458

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